Jumping Higher Made Easy!

All intricacies are rooted in the mind! Things look simple all of a sudden if we put aside the mind saying that ‘difficulties are difficult.’ Simple eyes have simple solutions to difficult problems.


If you have been down and out, thinking about most effective exercises to jump higher, here’s a short and simple manual on easy techniques you can follow on a regular basis to increase your vertical jump. Clear out the cobwebs from your mind, you are about to unravel the key to realize your dream to rule the basketball court with your towering lunges and if you are a high jumper, it’s time to up the bar and hit a new benchmark in your performance.

Here is an easy routine of exercises to jump higher than you were able to before. Get set to notice a major improvement over a short span of time.

Increase The Balance And Strength In Your Stance: Increasing the vertical jump can become a easy nut to crack by working religiously on the base strength, i.e. the calf and thigh muscles. Leg workouts like squats, calf raises, toe exercises and stomach exercises will give you a strong base, to add a major upward thrust to your vertical jumps.

Strength And Flexibility Go Hand In Hand: If your legs muscles are tight or they feel cramped during sideways extension and you cannot extend your legs down the whole 180 degrees, then simply forget about adding a further height to your jumps. Flexibility and strength is just the required combination to jump higher and higher. So, each day concentrate as much on leg strength as flexibility.

Plyometrics Are A Boon For BasketBall Players And High Jumpers: Plyometrics can do wonders for your jumping ability in no time. They ape the exact mechanism and the technique required to increase the explosion of energy needed to jump higher. All you have to do is jump while holding light weights and gradually increase the weight as your strength builds up. Don’t be miserly about the repetitions, challenge yourself to the hilt to derive maximum benefits.

Get Into The Perfect Leaping Position: Bend your hips approximately 25 degrees, knees above 50 degrees more not more than 65 degrees and the ankles should be bent about 20-25 degrees to discover your highest vertical leap. This is a perfect jumping position to generate an explosive power each time you jump. At start, it might seem a bit perplexing to be positioned in a well defined stance before a jump, but with time you’ll get habitual to it.

Move Forward Before Kissing The Air: Jumping from a standing position is not advisable, as to generate maximum kinetic energy from inertia is impossible. So make a forward movement, take few steps before you take off from the ground to increase your vertical jump.

Eczema Treatment About To Be Revolutionized!

Eczema, a problem that behaves like a ‘tenant for life’ once it makes abode in a skin patch, has been a deep mystery for doctors since time immemorial. Numerous case studies have been discussed at length to explain why a particular eczema treatment works wonderfully on some persons, while it turns out to be a dud in others. Why so much disparity in usefulness of eczema treatments among people of dissimilar habits, body types, genetic structures and habitats. The answer is simple yet intricate: the ambiguous factors that have been substantiated as the major catalyst for eczema are autoimmune disorders, a slackened immune system, a body over-clogged with toxins, hyper-sensitive skin in particular areas of the body and so on.


If we try to find one common factor that causes eczema, we’ll come across none. However, things are about to change forever; the scientists appear to have located the ‘evasive cause’ of eczema: the malfunction of a protein called CTIP2 has been blamed as the major culprit for chronic dermatitis. This protein stabilizes the behavior of the body fat, essential for skin health. The latest discovery likely to pay way for an eczema treatment that works equally effectively on people with dissimilar genetic structures, habitats and habits.

A depleted quantity of Ctip2 brings down the lipid level in the skin. Lipids help the skin to sustain its moisture content, flexibility and also prevent allergens from finding a way into exposed epithelium. In the absence of adequate lipid levels, several loopholes develop in the epithelium, paving way for ideal atmosphere for growth of dry, scaly, itchy patches on the skin.

So, are we about to witness a new dawn in the eczema treatment that will wipe out the prolonged existence of a confidence-denting skin condition? Let’s wait and watch!

Negative Thinking Inhibits Weight Loss!

The spiritual gurus world over have repeatedly gushed out that, ‘what be believe we are is what we ultimately become.’ The meaning under consideration not only pertains to the deeper aspects of our soul consciousnesses but also states a psychological fact. The spectrum of our thoughts has a major affect on how our mental and physical health shapes up.

People who are on a weight loss spree, should also be wary about how they are going about their goal. Psychologists point out negative thinking as a major culprit behind chronic cases of obesity. A pessimistic mindset poses a big obstacle to how your body responds to a fat loss solution. Optimism coupled with a dedicated adherence to recommended fitness regimen formulate a sure-shot, permanent solution to rings of unwanted fat hanging about a body.


Here are a few examples of negative thought patterns that are most likely to inhibit the speed of fat loss:

  • Thinking, “Everyone in my family is overweight, obesity runs in our genes, there’s no way out for me.” This is called victimizing oneself and getting trapped in repetitive self-condemnation. Such negative vibes get deeply rooted in our subconscious mind and inhibit the process of weight loss.
  • “My body cannot cope with a heavy exercise schedule, treadmill is so boring, and see, there are hardly any results to boast about.” Raising the bar of expectations to a very high level is sure to dent one’s spirit. It takes time for a body prone to fat accumulation to come out of the old habit. So, when an overweight person first enrolls at a fitness centre, he/she may have to wait for weeks to experience a noteworthy relief in the pot belly syndrome. The fat-prone body takes time to accept the new message that ‘fat is unfriendly and must be shed off quickly.’
  • “Junk food is so delicious, munching on veggies is so damn boring.” Addiction to junk food is a major concern for the obese. Once an obesity victim is put on a low fat, nutrient-rich diet, while significantly reducing the intake of oily foods, he/se may feel very difficult to adjust to drastically altered diet chart. This is mainly due to the fact that instant, oily, processed food is believed to be tastier. However, that’s an absolute myth. There are myriad wonderful recipes to infuse a heavenly taste to the boring veggies and cereals. People on a low-carb, high-veggie diet can rely on them to develop better health awareness.

To be encircled by negative thoughts like those shared above is sure to inhibit the process of fat loss. From now onwards, when you are troubled by the question, how to burn stomach fat , take your fat loss program with a positive outlook and you have already won half the race.

The Latest Fast-Action Acne Remedies!

As we reach the threshold of teenage, the mental turmoil that initiates with a sudden bust of hormones is accentuated by a sudden acne flare up. Acne affects mostly youngsters, however, these days adult acne and post-adult acne has also become a common occurrence. The underlying cause of acne in older people is the widespread impetus to food processing and more intake of heavy, fast foods. Ultimately, the indiscriminate invitation of artificial elements into our diet has increased the incidence of acne among teenagers.


Nowadays, one in every three teens is seen coping up with a particular type of acne. Over the years, the germs causing acne have become adaptive to medicines that were long believed to be one-shot acne remedies by our great great grandmothers. Therefore, the need of the hour is to look into newly emerging acne cures, which have proved effective in chronic cases. Let’s scurry some of these fast-action treatments for severe, emotionally-tiring acne flare ups:

Try Out The Tried And Tested Blue Light Treatment: It has been observed that bringing P. acnes under an intensity-controlled blue light source significantly improves the skin condition after just two or three therapy sessions. One a person picks up P. acne, the disease can last for years, if left untreated. Moreover, the longer the bout of acne, more are the chances of skin being left permanently scarred. So, timely intervention of a medical expert is a must to bring P. acne under control before it gets deeply rooted. Talking about the blue light therapy, it may trigger short-term side effects like skin losing its moisture and becoming a bit red.

Confidently Trust The Heat And Pulsed Light Treatment: When heat is combined with pulsed light, the rate of survival of P. acne falls drastically. In addition, this therapy brings down the size of the sebaceous glands, from the first session itself. Heat and pulsed light produce the same short-term side effects as discussed above.

The Widely-Recommended Diode Laser Treatment: Many have fallen in favor of diode lasers, as they root out the bacteria from deep within and cause no damage to the outer skin whatsoever. For sure, going under a laser to treat acne can be quiet painful, but the agony is worth is, because laser is among the fastest cures for this chronic skin problem. Besides, a patient can be given mild pain killers, to manage the pain.

Unleash An All-Out Attack With Photodynamic Therapy: This medical procedure is based on the idea that coupling topical medicines with low-intensity light will bring immediate relief from acne. And the results of this procedure have been pretty promising. Before exposing the skin to light, the skin is covered by a topical lotion. This limits the capability of bacteria to withstand the anti-bacterial impact of the treatment.

You Can Also Feel Instant Relief With Photopneumatic Treatment: It’s a unique procedure in itself that has been tailor-made to nip the acne in the bud. Here’s a brief insight into its working principle. Vacum suction is used to suck out excess oil. Next, a combination of blue and red light is applied to kill the remaining bacteria.

The self-improving acne bacteria were never this easy to treat. With a multitude of acne remedies available with rapid medical advancements, teenager can heave a sigh of relief.

Muscle Men- Pay Heed To Changing Tastes of Contemporary Women!

From being well-toned, fit and agile to evolving into a bulked up power machine, not only the road is different, but the aims also differ from person to person. Fitness is no longer a personal affair; it has become a way to stand out and hog the limelight. Here are some naked facts.

An introvert guy, who keeps to himself and doesn’t crave for extra bit of attention, would rather embrace routine fitness than hitting the gym to gain muscles. He would see treadmill as the complete fitness solution.


On the contrary, extroverts are known to be beggars for attention. And quiet interestingly so, not only the attention of others, but their own as well. This species is often seen posing in front of a mirror, visualizing themselves as female magnets. To enhance their natural charisma, they eagerly adopt a high-intensity fitness regimen and don’t think twice before gulping down those heavily recommended muscle gainers.

Of course, muscles add extra bit of oomph to a man’s personality and help him woo a long queue of girls, while a timid, skinny guy returns home empty-handed, but with a mind burning with envy. As one gets bigger, the quotient of manliness increases. What is more; men who are physically sound & strong command a great deal of respect from women, who in turn prefer get intimate with such males and produce offspring.
Of late the preferences of women with regards to an ideal life partner have gone through some change. While earlier they liked men with Herculean physiques, men who looked like a meat factory on the foot; now they have narrowed down their vision a bit.

This is the age of metro sexual man, the man who though is well carved out, is not over muscled up, making him the very odd one out among the average built. Earlier the women used to reverberate, ‘the bigger the better’, but that’s not the case today. In this extreme age of size zero, the transformed women opinion says, ‘the more sculpted, the better.
Today the ideal mental image of a perfect boyfriend is a clean-shaven guy with lean muscle mass, six pack abbs and a flawless skin. So, if you are looking to gain muscles especially to woo the women of today, pay heed to what they want.

They don’t want you to look like a meat factory, as that’s an aversion they have developed over the past decades. So, to strike an amicable rapport with the girl on your mind, go for a well contoured, lean muscular body and you are sure to have an added advantage in the herd of boys, competing to win a date with that scorching lass.

Too-Clean Hands Can Lead to Eczema

You’ve heard it time and time again: Wash your hands frequently to fend off nasty bugs and germs, especially if you work in a hospital or other health-care facility. But those squeaky-clean hands can make you more susceptible to an itchy, flaky skin condition known as hand eczema or hand dermatitis, which is especially common among health-care workers. Now a new report from Denmark looks at exactly what practices may be causing the flakiness and redness of eczema.


In the study, over 2,000 health-care workers including doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, and clinical technicians answered a questionnaire about their handwashing habits both at home and at work. The researchers found a definite link between frequency of handwashing and eczema: About 50 percent of the respondents who had hand eczema washed their hands more than 10 times a day while at work, compared with 43 percent of those without eczema.