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Fanconi Amemia: A Rare Highly-Fatal Disorder!

Fanconi Anemia is a severe form of bone marrow malfunction, where it is incapable of generating all three forms of blood cells, including the red blood cells, the platelets and the white blood cells. This disease has a very low incidence, almost one in three lakh children are likely to be born with a genetic defect that puts the bone marrow totally out of order. In the absence of early detection, Fanconi Anemia can have fatal consequences, as no particular organ is free from its reach. Heart, liver, kidney, brain, any organ can be hampered by the underproduction or faulty production of all three forms of red blood cells.

The major issue with this disease it that a person can also end with blood cancer, which may become increasingly difficult to treat with the passage of time. It is highly important for the patients to follow the instructions of their doctor and get their blood regularly tested to keep a proper track record of the total blood cell count.

Bone Marrow is central to the essential fluid production. It is the cushion between the bones, housing stem cells, responsible for generation of all three categories of blood cells. “The red blood cells are carriers of vital nutrients and they also oxygenate the tissues, providing them energy to carry out their respective functions. Moreover, they also extract carbon dioxide residue and direct it to lungs for instant release. The principal function of white blood cells is to act as soldiers, guarding the fort of the body from intrusions by harmful microorganisms and if somehow they manage to enter the body, it uses white blood cells as weapons to battle the infections. On the other hand, the platelets come into play, to act as a glue that stops the flow of the blood whenever we get wounded. In other words, they facilitate blood clotting.”

 A lifespan is attached to each of these cells: the red blood cells have the longest life span lasting up to three months; the white blood cells have the shortest life span, they die in about 24 hours, whereas the platelets survive for about a week. Due to uneven life spans of various blood cells, the bone marrow must function in full-swing to maintain an ideal balance between blood cells. However, when the bone marrow function is not up to the mark, the body is gripped by severe symptoms.

Since Fanconi Anemia has wide implication for the body, it must be diagnosed at the earliest.

Meeting With A Doctor Is Must In Following Situations!

If you are bogged down by stinging pain in upper body, stomach or joints that comes and goes, sometimes lasting for weeks at a stretch, it’s time to seek medical opinion. Pain in sickle cell anemia is dissimilar to temporary bodily pains we are accustomed to treating with soothing balms.



The stop and flow movement of blood in the veins, because of obstruction posed by sickle cells, gives rise to nerve-wrecking ache. All mind-numbing pains are not linked to sickle cell anemia, but if you are dealing with agony of stubborn nature, it is better to get a medical check-up. Other signs that should make one vigilant are as follows.

Due to high vulnerability of body to invasions by disease-causing microorganisms, fever is a common in this disease. A serious repercussion of undetected sickle cell anemia is stroke. It happens when blood flow to some part of the brain is restricted, which ensues warning signals like facial weakness, feeling uprooted, speech impairment, blurry vision, lack of sensation in skin and severe headache. If you face such a scenario, visit a nearby health facility without much ado to prevent the situation from getting out of hands. Early treatment is imperative to reverse a stroke.

If you skin has lost its glow and has adopted a yellowish complexion, it necessitates a meeting with a doctor. Besides the skin, the eyes may give off a yellowish appearance in certain areas.

No-nonsense Solution To The Intricate Obesity!

The nature of the human mind is such that it magnifies both the problem and its perspective cure. For losing weight, we indulge ourselves in various kinds of demanding poses, hops, lunges, etc, maneuvered by the rigid belief that a complicated approach offer concrete solutions. Sometimes the answer is situated an arm’s distance away but we set our eyes on the far away clouds.

How to move out of this rigid thinking pattern and seek trouble-free solutions for obesity?

The first step is to analyze your weight issue from a vantage point. Propensity of the genes to foster weight gain and faulty eating habits, both can be the walking free troublemakers. Fighting off the influence of genes on body weight or correcting the gone-wrong eating habits does not happen in a jiffy. This situation can be compared to chain smoker, who cannot drop the puff under coercion. First he will increase the time gap between holding the next cigarette and then he will reduce the number of cigarettes he smokes per day. Henceforth, he may able to honor a no-smoking day before giving rest to his mouth once and for all.

Habits need time to change, but the effort to change them can start right away, notwithstanding it’s a big effort or a small effort. We tend to believe that intricate exercises offer a better solution to weight gain. After reading this, you may start to think differently.



Locking your body in a demanding yogic posture or doing extreme crunches! They may work to a degree, but a simple exercise like cycling if combined with crunches increases the rate of weight loss drastically. Cycling can be your second-opportunity to relive your good old school days and a perfect transport to have an up-close inspection of your bustling neighborhood. It is a trouble-free, pleasurable exercise that offers a total body physical workout.

Skip the elevator and take the stairs whenever you can, as you never know what a little addition to daily physical activity can do for your body shape. Be a water child; simply swim to dissolve the rings of fat around your waist. Become a fish in the ocean, and burn off excess calories in a fun way.

Did jumping the rope ever cross your mind? If not, then make this exercise a part of your weight loss program. It is another fun exercise likely to be discarded thinking that what benefit can be delivered by an activity, tagged a child’s play. But you would be surprised to know that only sixty minutes of rope skipping daily can take off 850 calories from your body and who would want to miss that golden opportunity!

Outdoor Occupations Accelerate The Ageing Process, But How?

The human fiber devising agents, collagen and elastin, are an integral part of our skin. These delicate proteins bear the brunt of blazing sun in outdoor occupations such as marketing jobs. The relentless kisses of UV rays on the face accelerates the process of ageing and the ‘hands to mouth’ victim is shell-shocked by the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and sagging skin from nowhere. An outdoor marketing job may be more lucrative than a sitting job, but looking forty five at the age of fifty is too big a price to pay for a more swollen bank account. So, how can a person cling on to the financial gains afforded by an outdoor job and at the same time, prevent early ageing due to persistent gaze of the sun?

Rather than diving into a pool of intricacies, seek easy answers for how to repair sun damaged skin.

skin face sun damaged

Extract The Most Out Of Your Sunscreen

The deservedly overhyped solution to prevent the degenerative impact of UV rays is to wear a sunscreen before stepping out. But if you are involved in an outdoor occupation, onetime application of sunscreen may not suffice. After a few hours, the strength of the sunscreen wears off and to ensure that you are still protected from the UV rays, wearing a fresh layer of the sunscreen is a must. Put a sunscreen in your travel bag and use if after every two hours till you are outdoors.

Uncover The Healthy Epithelium

If your face has lost its luster due to long hours under the sun, you can regain the lost glow in no time with an exfoliation cream. Pay heed to the indications given on its pack to do way with the lifeless, upper layer of the skin and expose a young, healthy epithelium. The markets are jam-packed with exfoliating solutions, so have a session with your skin specialist to arrive at the best alternative for yourself.

Feed The Weary Epithelium From Outside


Eat skin-friendly diet to rejuvenate your skin from inside and apply rejuvenating oils to breathe new life into your skin from the outside. In this regard, vitamin A oil is the best pick, as it aids in generation of collagen and also reverses the degenerative impact of harsh UV rays on your skin.

Seek Dermatological Help


Fix an appointment with a seasoned dermatologist and he can breathe new life into our weary skin with a chemical peel. In this procedure, a gentle chemical is used to expose the fresh epithelium in place of the old, flaky skin.

Preserving The Health Of Male Reproductive System!

Male fertility can be a revved-up by weeding out the dangers to the sperm count. Some unfriendly habits that cause a steep decline in sperm count are smoking and wilting under stressful conditions.

If you are concerned about the health of your reproductive system and want to boost the sperm count, below are some no-nonsense remedies:

Consider X-rays Only When Needed

Opting in favor of an X-ray even when the doctor doesn’t recommend is a purposeless habit. After a slight fall or a temporary back ache, many consider a precautionary X-ray just to feel on the safe side. Specialized studies elucidate that males who undergo excessive X-rays face a reduction in sperm count. Unless the situation demands an urgent X-ray or if your doctor categorically recommends so, avoid the high-intensity laser beams.

Is Your Diet Incomplete?

Men can face infertility due to a diet that lacks one or more of the indispensible nutrients. If you want to maintain a revved-up reproductive system, the importance of balanced diet cannot be overlooked. As an additional measure, you can pop in a multivitamins tablet daily, to make up for any mineral deficiency.

Avoid Body-Hugging Dresses

Wearing skin-tight jeans or undersized underwear that put pressure on the groin area and impede the flow of blood, will eventually lead to a drop in the sperm count. Abstain from putting pressure on the groin area by wearing a bit loose and comfortable jeans/pants.

Learn To Vent Out Stress

Stress is present in everyone’s life; the people who appear stress free are those who have learned about easy ways to vent out the nervous tension. Suppressed or pent up stress has a negative impact on the male reproductive health. If you have a tendency to remain highly stressed-out, meet a psychologist to dispose off the mental overload.

Banish The Puff And Alcohol

Alcohol and cigarettes weaken the nervous system, resulting in a weak erection. If you carry concerns about the health of your reproductive system, it’s high-time to give up the puff and alcohol under medical supervision.

Solve The Weight Issues

The thick layers of fat not only force the heart to work overtime, but affect other vital bodily functions. Excessive body weight slows down speed of sperm production. If you have planned to expand your family in the near future, start working on your weight problem right away.